Embracing Sustainability for a Brighter Future at J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc.

Sustainability is a powerful tool for boosting business growth and supporting healthy social systems and the environment. As a pioneering force in the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc, (JBPCO) is dedicated to leading the way in sustainable initiatives that shape our industry.

Affordable and Clean Energy

JBPCO is deeply committed to ensuring the availability of safe, affordable and environmentally friendly commercial vehicles. This commitment is evidenced by our significant investment of dollars, time and resources dedicated to the development of next generation of electric and alternative powered work trucks.

Climate Action & Sustainable Communities

With transportation being the largest end-use of energy in developed countries, JBPCO recognizes the importance of our role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. That’s why JBPCO is committed to taking urgent action to combat climate change by innovating zero-carbon commercial vehicles and making commercial electric vehicle platforms more accessible for mainstream use. We are continuously striving to develop sustainable solutions that will reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles. We believe our focus on advancing EV/AV technology will also contribute to the creation of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable communities.

We understand that the success of the next generation of commercial vehicles hinges on their ability to meet the unique needs and demands of businesses and fleets. That’s why we prioritize serviceability – the development of lighter-weight bodies to offset EV battery weight and increase available payload, increase distance to reduce range anxiety and create innovative upfits for diverse businesses.

Safety is also a top priority, and we strive to enhance visibility and pedestrian protection and reduce driver distractions in our next generation vehicles. We utilize advanced technology to assist operators and improve ease of use through better ergonomics, visibility and safety systems.

Responsible Consumption and Production

JBPCO is committed to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns by adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices that minimize our impact on the environment. By improving operating efficiencies and optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce materials usage and waste, JPBCO is putting less strain on the planet’s resources and the processes needed to obtain them. We work to create the shortest and most efficient paths possible to deliver the needed materials for production and utilize the award-winning ERA Environmental Management System to help quantify and reduce emission use.

Driving Sustainability Together

Responsible business practices can drive progress, conserve the environment and improve communities. By actively seeking innovative solutions, JBPCO is paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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