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Always Delivering

Quality – On Time – Every Time Morgan Olson’s iconic step vans deliver products and services every day in every city – on every street throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you bought anything online for your home or business – you’ve seen Morgan Olson step vans at work always delivering.

A Legacy Like No Other

Morgan Olson’s step van legacy began in 1945 with the delivery of the first all-aluminum step van – revolutionizing the commercial laundry & parcel package industry. Today, Morgan Olson step vans are in demand more than ever – by listening to the voice of the customer and always delivering to their customers’ needs.

Purpose-Built ErgoDesign

Every aspect of Morgan Olson walk-in step vans is designed to provide drivers with superior delivery efficiency and safety while providing businesses with excellent total cost of ownership benefits.

Innovative Market Leader

Morgan Olson is North America’s No. 1 producer of walk-in step vans – winning back-to-back NTEA Work Truck Show Innovation of the Year awards. From Fortune 500 corporations to family-owned businesses, Morgan Olson also achieved the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

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