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Rise of Electrification: 3 Steps JBPCO BU’s Are Taking to Lead the Way

Business Units’ Electrification Efforts on Display at Work Truck Week 2022

The journey towards a zero-emission future has intensified over the last few months, with goals set for electrification as the number of states adopting cleaner regulations continue to grow.

As businesses converged at NTEA’s Work Truck Week in March 2022, a hot topic of discussion was the accelerating pace of electrification in the commercial truck space.

The JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO) business enterprise has positioned itself as a leader in the trucking industry during the rise of electrification. Here are three ways JBPCO and its Business Units lead the way.

Continuing Commitment to Electrification

Morgan Truck Body

is the leader in light- and medium-duty EV truck bodies. That leadership was on display at NTEA with two new concept bodies, an electrified refrigerated concept truck body and a dry freight cargo van body.

Morgan’s electrified reefer, mounted on a Lion Electric Lion6 chassis with a Thermo King all-electric refrigerated unit, features a state-of-the-art body that’s an energy-efficient solution. Thanks to its aerodynamic design and lightweight materials, it helps extend range while also increasing energy efficiency. This body also includes a high-speed side curtain door which contributes to significant energy savings.

Morgan also displayed a prototype of a dry freight cargo van body. Integrated with International’s electric chassis, Morgan is using advanced composite wall panels and lighter materials for the frame to offset the added weight of the chassis without compromising the structural integrity.

The advanced technologies incorporated into this body also enhances situational awareness with its cameras, sensors and AI designed to alert the driver of potential hazards and surroundings.

These prototypes illustrate how Morgan continues to be the industry standard for electrification, with strategic locations that will be upgraded with charging infrastructure, new tools and processes on the horizon.

“Morgan is at the forefront of our customers’ transition to an electrified refrigerated fleet,” said Morgan Truck Body Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tom Diez. “We have been partnering and collaborating with OEMs, customers and end users to drive the innovations on the electrified truck bodies we are unveiling today.”

Optimizing the Design and Serviceability

JBPCO’s newest Business Unit EAVX made its debut at Work Truck Week by showing off how it’s pushing the boundaries of technical innovation with an interactive design studio. This hub allowed experts, peers and customers to witness – firsthand – how EAVX integrates its next-generation technology into the work truck industry.

The Business Unit also featured a VX Control system as part of the fully-interactive experience of next generation technology for commercial vehicles. The system displayed how EAVX integrates its innovations into each vehicle, which showed off its’ 360-degree camera systems, digital rear view and side view mirrors, and an RFID tool finder.

EAVX continues to blaze the trail in electrifying the industry with its showing at Work Truck Week, showing off what’s capable now and the near future.

“The EAVX team is on a mission to create the next generation of commercial vehicles by integrating body and chassis with leading-edge technology and innovation,” said EAVX COO and GM Mark Hope.

Innovating by Collaborating

The aforementioned interactive design studio at EAVX’s booth also helped illustrate the enterprise-wide collaboration within the Business Units. EAVX collaborated with Morgan Truck Body on their concept bodies, and additionally showcased an electric service, however, it also showcased an electric service truck concept in conjunction with Reading Truck and Zeus Electric Chassis.

The showcase consisted of a first gen demo featuring a EAVX technology, a Reading Truck aluminum service body paired with a Zeus-upfitted class 5, Z-19 prototype. EAVX and Zeus had reached a collaboration agreement in 2021, with this being the first integrated solution being shown as the two are on track to develop and commercialize market-leading electric work truck solutions.

Leading the Way

Has the growing need to electrify commercial truck industry affected businesses all across the world? Certainly. JBPCO and its Business Units has since seized the opportunity and leads the way in electrifying the industry through its continued collaborative and innovative efforts.

“We strive to be at the forefront of design, manufacturing and serviceability of the work truck industry by leveraging the resources of JBPCO and collaborating with industry leaders in electric- and alternative-power chassis and technology suppliers,” Hope said. “Together, we are transforming the world’s largest fleets for a more sustainable future.”

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