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Acquisitions and control investments completed by J.B. Poindexter and Co., Inc., its predecessors, and its sole shareholder for the account of partnerships in which he was a senior partner, in chronological order:

Acquisitions and significant investments made prior to the formation of J.B. Poindexter & Co., LP in 1985:

  • Cott Corporation
    Beverage manufacturer

  • Cochran-Boothe Airport Systems
    Airport freight handling equipment

  • Citation Oil & Gas Corporation
    Oil and gas exploration and production

  • FoxMeyer Corporation
    Wholesale drug distribution

  • All-Steel, Inc.
    Office furniture and fixtures manufacturer
  • Carolina Steel Corporation
    Steel fabrication and distribution

  • Mid-State Steel, Inc.
    Steel fabrication and distribution

  • Reliance Atlanta Division
    Steel processing and distribution

  • Abingdon Bridge Division
    Steel fabrication of large structures

Acquisitions made by J.B. Poindexter & Co., LP from 1986 to mid-1994:

  • EFP Corporation
    Expandable foam products manufacturer

  • Leer, Inc.
    Pickup truck caps and tonneau covers

  • Traxxon, Inc. Steel
    Steel processing and distribution

  • EPS Plastics, Inc.
    Expandable foam products manufacturer

  • Morgan Corporation
    Truck body manufacturer

  • Foam Molding Corporation
    Expandable foam products manufacturer
  • Horizon Plastics Corp.
    Expandable foam products manufacturer

  • Network, Inc.
    Truck body manufacturer

  • Lowy Group:
    Blue Ridge Carpet Mills,
    and Courier, Inc

    Carpet manufacturer, custom dyer and flooring distributor

  • Magnetic Instruments Corp.
    High precision machining
    (now MIC Group)

Acquisitions made following the formation of J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc. in 1994:

  • GemTop Manufacturing, Inc.
    Truck caps and tonneau covers

  • Tile by Design, Inc.
    Flooring products distribution

  • Midwest Truck Aftermarket, Inc.
    Distributors of truck accessories

  • Radco Industries, Inc.
    Distributor of truck accessories

  • 20th Century Fiberglass, Inc.
    Truck caps and tonneau covers

  • Century Distributing, Inc.
    Distributor of aftermarket truck parts

  • Raider Industries, Inc.:
    Pro-More Industries, LTD, Brown Industries, and LoRider Industries
    Truck caps and tonneau covers

  • Beltrami Door Company
    Truck and trailer doors

  • KWS Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    Bulk material handling and conveyor systems
  • Universal Brixius, Inc.
    High precision, contract manufacturing

  • Crakel Cutters Division of PolyFoam
    Expandable foam products manufacturer


  • Aluminum Body Corporation
    Truck Body Division
    Truck body manufacturer

  • Morgan Olson Corporation (previously Grumman Olson Industries, Inc.)
    Step-van manufacturer

  • Pace Edwards Company
    Tonneau cover manufacturer

  • Commercial Babcock Inc.
    Truck body manufacturer

  • Federal Coach, LLC
    Specialty Body Manufacturer
  • Eagle Coach Company
    Specialty Body Manufacturer
  • State Wide Aluminum, Inc.
    Truck cap windows and
    Door assemblies
  • Richards Manufacturing Company
    High Precision Machining
  • Tarlton USA
    High Precision Machining, Assembly
  • Machine & Manufacturing I, Inc.
    High Precision Machining

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